Voices for Independence

Editorial Policy

Voices for Independence is open for articles from any blog, news service, organisation or political party which advocates and campaigns for Scotland to be an independent nation once more.

Articles can be on any subject. The majority cover politics but any article that puts Scots, their interests and Scotland first are welcome here.

Articles can be submitted individually, though ideally, we are looking to add RSS feeds. That way the articles can be published automatically which saves us a lot of time and effort - laziness is a virtue.

When submitting articles or feeds avoid those which come from sites which require a subscription. Also avoid archived articles if these bypass a sites subscription process - everyone has to eat.

Although our editorial policy is broad-based and we like to think, welcoming, it is not without bias. Specifically:

  • This site believes Scotland should be an independent nation, today. The economic and cultural damage wrought by the majority south of the border, particularly with Brexit, means that we are not in a partnership of equals and The Union must be dissolved immediately.
  • This site believes in women's rights. Too many tears have been shed and too much blood spilled in women's fight for equality to have them given up to satisfy the whims and fetishes of a vanishingly small group of men.
  • This site believes that as long as one child goes to bed hungry or one person has to choose between paying for medication or paying to stay warm then all the resources that this country can bring to bear will be used to solve these problems once and for all.
  • This site believes that everyone born or who makes their home in Scotland should be afforded every opportunity. No group has the right to deny people a right to a better future, whether that's through access to education, access to services or access to jobs. Privilege is for the corrupt.

That means you're not going to see many articles which contradict these positions but we're not totally opposed to contrary views or sites which advocate those. Just check the list of Sources if you don't believe us. You will also see our prejudices in the Topic descriptions where we give our take on the subjects and issues that come up in the articles.

We're not quite sure where that puts us on the political spectrum, but frankly, we don't care. Our goal is to make this country a better place to live, for all.

The Editors