Gender Recognition Reform Act

After the failure of the independence referendum in 2014 the popularity of the SNP soared as more people realised than Scotland needed control of it's own destiny. The near destruction of the Scottish Labour Party meant a lot of activists saw that joining the SNP was a possible path to adopting a more Progressive agenda. Not all things are free and calls for rights of trans-sexuals and other groups to be enhanced resulted in calls for reform of the Gender Recognition Act of 2004 to allow for self-identification. Women's groups realised that this would mean the end of safe spaces for women as it would illegal to bar any man self-identifying as a women. The spectre of women becoming the silent victims of violence once more caused open revolt and suddenly women realised that a vote for the SNP meant and end to rights they had fought for decades to attain. That in turn threw the potential for a new referendum on independence in doubt as 51% of the population would likely vote no.

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