Women's Rights

The struggle by women for an equal place in society has been a long, uphill slog. It's over 100 years since women 30 and over were given the right to vote but even today women are still paid less than men for the doing the same job. Misogyny and violence are still prevalent and it's against this backdrop that the latest move to suppress women's rights is being fought. Original intended to offer protection and ease the problems of gender dysphoria the campaign for protection of trans-sexuals has attracted a number of groups intent on gaining access to women-only spaces for their own agendas. At the heart of the campaign in Scotland is that the recent Hate Crimes Bill defined many protected groups, yet women who bear the brunt of hatred and violence in society were not included. Indeed it is now an offence punishable by a prison term of up to 7 years for women to affirm their identity and demand women only spaces which can offer them protection from male violence.

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